The Personal Peace Procedure

The Personal Peace Procedure is an exercise for using EFT to make peace with what happened to you in the past. It was created by EFT developer Gary Craig and is considered a foundational EFT application (see Level 2 under the Core EFT Skills Library, coming soon). By making a list of specific, bothersome events from your life and applying EFT to each specific event - you can systematically and permanently remove the charge from these troubling memories. What might you be doing to yourself now because of what happened then?

Please Note: There may be fear or reluctance around approaching these events. Under most circumstances, these fears can be handled as you work through the procedure. If for any reason you do not feel safe or you are not comfortable exploring these events on your own, please do not. Instead, ask for assistance - from a friend who knows EFT, a qualified therapist or an experienced EFT professional.

How to Do The Personal Peace Procedure

1) In an EFT journal, start making a list of every bothersome event in your life you can think of. Even if the memories feel hazy or don't feel very charged right now, trust there is a reason they are coming to mind. Be as specific as you can and give these negative events a short title: For example, "shamed by my teacher," or "the bus ride home from school."

2) Assign an Intensity Level (on a scale of 0-10) to each specific event. For example, "shamed by my teacher, 8."

3) Apply EFT to one of these titles per day - from every angle you can - until you can either laugh about it or you "can't think about it anymore."

4) After using the Personal Peace Procedure for at least a month, pay attention to your body. Are chronic conditions feeling less like a problem? How might your relationship to yourself or others have improved? Are you breathing more easily? Are you less stressed? More energized? Unless you recognize your progress, the changes you are experiencing may be so subtle they escape your notice.

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